A successful convention requires a lot of volunteers and Ottawa 2023 is no exception. There are a ton of opportunities for you to help out both in the days and months leading up to the convention weekend as well as during the event itself.

Don’t live in Ottawa? No problem! You can still help out working from home and you can be on our volunteer team during the convention weekend. The hours are flexible and you will have plenty of time to dance in between shifts.

For any questions use the form below to contact the volunteer coordinator.

Early Bird Special

To sweeten the pot, the first ten volunteers to register to work at least five hours will receive a special discounted registration rate (to be announced in Houston in 2021). This is being subsidized by All Join Hands Canada.

Some of the positions we are hoping to fill:

YES! We need help even before we start. Pre-convention volunteers are needed to help with our 50/50 collections and promotions during the 2021, and 2022 conventions. Can you help with promotion at your local fly in?? Yes please we need you! Minimum Shift Requirement: Length of event/collection/etc.

These volunteers will work with the table director to distribute the registration materials or prepaid merchandise during the scheduled table hours. Minimum shift requirement: 1 Hour

One of our most needed volunteers! These shifts will entail monitoring a specific area and set of dance halls. Your primary responsibilities will be making sure callers and rooms have everything they need and directing any dancers who have questions or concerns. You will be in direct contact with the volunteer coordinator to help deal with any issues that arise in the dance halls or specific “zone” of the convention space. Minimum shift requirement: 2 Hours

Examples of this position include crowd control and monitoring of the backstage area for large group assemblies like Dinner/Brunch gatherings, grand march or Honky Tonk Queen contest. The position’s responsibilities will vary depending on the event and you will be in direct contact with the volunteer coordinator to help deal with any issues that arise. Minimum shift requirement: Length of event (NOTE: Volunteering will not exclude you from participating in the events)

The yearly Honky Tonk Queen contest is one of the highlights of every convention but to make it succeed, we need contestants. Reach out to us and we’ll give you more details.

Are you an expert in (for example) sound or carpentry? Do you specialize in something that could be of use during or before the convention? Please let us know of your convention superpower!

We need photographer assistants, tour guides and meeting facilitators.

We will need people who can run errands, fetch ice and water, help with flooring, stage assembly, lighting and sound and plenty of other things.

Yes! I want to help out!